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- Posted on May 23rd, 2015 at 5:53 am

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Kennington Man

- Posted on May 1st, 2015 at 7:40 pm

One of the reasons we wear Kennington Man shirts is because of their endless amount of prints. One of the things our personal style is known for is tons of print blocking. Often, we create looks where every article of clothing is a different print. The thing that standouts out the most with Kennington Man to us is that their shirts are vintage inspired. Because of that, they’re able to exude a different mood that we can’t find in other shirt brands.

Their short sleeve styles are just as tasteful as their long sleeved. This is important to us because it helps with staying just as stylish during the hot summer months without being uncomfortable.




shirt- Kennington Man; tie- Urban Outfitters; waistcoat- vintage; pants- Tommy Hilfiger; socks- Target; shoes- Aldo


shirt- Kennington Man; tie- thrifted; shorts- Kennington Man; belt- Gap; shoes- Bass

paisley print

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checked bow tie

plaid vest




- Posted on April 23rd, 2015 at 2:12 am

Usually, wearing sneakers can make your outfit a more casual look.

Hmm…Not if you do it right!

Wearing sneakers with a suit can bring more personality to formal attire. The idea is to not fully dress your suit down, but to make it full of fun energy. We do this by choosing the right style of shoe that allows us to keep a classic look that’s parallel to the classic style of a formal suit. We choose to do this on days when we know that we have a lot of walking to do. When we finally reach our destination we change into a more formal shoe to fit the setting.

Lets be honest, sneakers are 100% more comfortable than the average dress shoe. If you’re able to prevent lots of wear and tear on your feet and dress shoes while keeping a full classic look, then suits `n sneakers could be for you too.

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purple dress shirt

plaid suit

shirt- H&M; tie- Pocket Square Clothing; suit- Zara; pocket square- Pocket Square Clothing; socks- Gallant & Beau; shoes- Reebok

floral tie

double breasted suit

shirt- H&M; tie- Pocket Square Clothing; suit- Requisite Clothing; pocket square- Pocket Square Clothing; lapel pin- Noble Breed; socks- Gallant & Beau; shoes- New Balances


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Dressing Out Loud

- Posted on April 15th, 2015 at 7:15 pm

We have a very eclectic style that involves many different genres of styles and eras. With so many different components to our style it became hard to explain each and every detail. We eventually created our own genre and  started calling it the “NORRISxTHRASH” style. Overall, we keep a very sartorial look that involve lots of mixing patterns, prints, and colors that you wouldn’t normally see together. We see our bodies as canvases, and the arrangement of the clothes we wear is a true art that we create and inspire others with.

 casual menswear


shirt- H&M; bow tie- Pocket Square Clothing; sweater- thrifted; blazer- thrifted; lapel pin- Noble Breed; pants- vintage; sock- Gallant & Beau; shoes- vintage

mix patterns

leopard sweater

polka-dot shirt

houndstooth blazer

shirt- H&M; bow tie- Pocket Square Clothing; vest- vintage; blazer- vintage; pocket square- Pocket Square Clothing; pants- H&M; socks- Gallant & Beau; shoes- Converse



stripe socks

red converse

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Pocket Square Clothing

- Posted on April 8th, 2015 at 11:15 am

Over the next few blog posts we will be introducing brand sponsors that we use heavily in our daily wardrobe. Being keen to details even down to our accessories, its very important to have a strong brand thats compatible and consistent in design with our bold style. Pocket Square Clothing is an all mens accessory brand that focus on neck ties, skinny neck ties, bow ties, pocket squares, tie bars, and lapel pins.

PSC is ahead of the curve with the future of menswear accessory designs. They are able to put a classic touch on unusual prints, patterns, and colors that you don’t see a lot in your traditional menswear brands. PSC keeps us inspired on their product alone. With every piece they help push our creativity forward. We have no choice but to notice and appreciate the work that they put into every detailed product.






shirt- Rich Freshman; tie- Pocket Square clothing; vest; vintage; coat- vintage; pants- H&M; socks- Gallant & Beau; shoes- Aldo



shirt- H&M; bow tie- Pocket Square Clothing ; sweater- Paul Smith; pants- Dickies; pocket square- Pocket Square Clothing; sock- Gallant & Beau ; shoes- vintage



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Back to the Basics with AZUL

- Posted on February 11th, 2015 at 2:05 am

A couple years ago we were simply two guys from Georgia that wanted to express art through our personal style. We started the style blog “NORRISxTHRASH” then later began to navigate our way in the fashion industry as a wardrobe styling duo.

After being away from the blogging world for over two years now, we’ve decided to return and share our forever evolving styles on a platform that will capture far more than what a single instagram post can.

Today’s featured brand is AZUL by Moussy. We are drawn to the different prints, colors, and textures they create that most menswear brands shy away from.



shirt- H&M; tie- Pocket Square Clothing; sweater- AZUL; blazer- AZUL; pocket square- bandana; lapel pin- Noble Breed; pants- vintage; socks- Zara; shoes- Generic Surplus


This post is particularly special to us because we revisited the very first location we were ever photographed together. When we first began our blog we wanted to show that we were making a presence here in LA, and what better place to start than the Dolby Theater (was named the Kodak Theater when we first started). Since then, we have ventured further into the fashion world by working as wardrobe stylists. But now we are getting back to our roots of where it all began.


shirt- AZUL; tie- Pocket Square Clothing; sweater- AZUL; blazer- Zara; pocket square- Pocket Square Clothing; pants- Hawkins McGill; shoes- Aldo



visual arts- @ashtonbowlesphoto