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Shorts: Not So Casual After All!

- Posted on June 25th, 2015 at 2:12 am

The summer is heating up by the day and we all tend to shed off more and more clothing throughout the season. In order to have an overall great style you have to be able to adapt and dress for each season appropriately. Nothing is worse than seeing someone forcing the fashion with unnecessary layering or wearing fall/winter fabrics in hot summer weather.

One way for men to stay stylish and dress for the climate is to implement chino shorts throughout the season. Most men shy away from wearing shorts when they want to actually get dressed up. People tend to believe that you have to stay super casual if you want to wear shorts. Today we’re showing you guys a couple different ways to wear your shorts without compromising style or comfort and still being able to pull off a classic look.

pink chino shorts

shirt- Kennington Man; skinny tie- Pocket Square Clothing; sweater- Boo Hoo; shorts- Vanishing Elephant; belt- Gap; socks- Gallant & Beau; shoes- Puma

floral blazer

red chino shorts

shirt- Rich Freshman; neck tie- Pocket Square Clothing; pocket square- Pocket Square Clothing; blazer- vintage ; shorts- H&M DIY; shoes- Aldo

mens fashion

green headscarf

yellow sneakers

yellow neck tie

pink pocket square

stylish menswear


How to Layer: Norris

- Posted on June 23rd, 2015 at 3:12 am

Layering doesn’t necessarily have to be for cold weather only if done the right way. Today I’m going to show how you can put on just a few layers and still be comfortable in a warmer climate.

This layering look is a simple men’s causal look. I used a pair of checkered dress pants and paired it with a yellow short-sleeved button up shirt. The blue puma sneakers helped by adding a pop of color to my outfit, as well as, highlighting the custom blue collar on the button up. As you can see the low cut sneakers work with no socks and helps with staying cool.

The floral neck tie I chose to accessorize with added more color to the look and paired well with the blue sneakers and shirt collar. Typically Pocket squares are worn with jackets but because there is a pocket I put one in to further accessorize. The burgundy, blue, and mostly white pocket square was the finishing layer that blended in with the pants and added a very classic touch to the outfit.

stylish menswear

checkered dress pants

t-shirt- H&M pants- vintage

yellow short-sleeves button

button up shirt- Kennington Man

blue sneakers

shoes- Puma

pink floral tie

neck tie- vintage

mens fashion

waistcoat- vintage, pocket square- Top Man


Saddle Shoes & Bucks

- Posted on June 17th, 2015 at 10:03 pm

We like the multiple functionalities that both the Saddle and Buck shoes bring to a causal look for both men and women. When you want to dress casual but don’t really want to wear sneakers, these two shoes are a great pick without being too dressed down. But don’t get these casual shoe mistaken, they can be dressed up just as much as you dress them down, as you can see in today’s post.

pink dress shirt

shirt- H&M; skinny tie- Pocket Square Clothing; coat- thrifted; pocket square- Pocket Square Clothing; pants- H&M; socks- Gallant & Beau; shoes- G.H. Bass & Co.

white bucks

Bucks, adopting the name because they were sometimes made of buckskin, were a popular sports shoe in the 20th century. Preppy ivy leaguers sported them on tennis courts. The versatility in this shoe is amazing seeing that a perfectly prestige pair are just as eye catching as a well worn in scuffed pair.

polka dot pants

shirt- H&M; bow tie- Pocket Square Clothing; jacket- Zara; pocket square- Pocket Square Clothing; lapel pin- Noble Breed; pants- Zara; socks- Zara; shoes- G.H. Bass & Co.

saddle shoe

Saddle shoes were initially a sport shoe designed for men, golfers in particular. The low-heeled casual oxford shoe is characterized by a plain toe and distinctive saddle-shaped decorative panel placed mid foot.

tan linen coat

floral necktie


pink striped button up

mens fashion


How to Layer: Thrash

- Posted on June 12th, 2015 at 7:50 pm

This outfit was inspired by a vintage golf theme.  Normally when I think of “themed” outfit choices the very first thing that resonates to me is “vintage”.

Wearing kilts is something that Norris and I picked up from the Scottish culture that we found very intriguing and against the grain for North American culture. Seeing that golf was originally developed by the Scottish in the 15th century, I thought it would be the perfect thing to choose for this occasion.

I paired my kilt with a contrasting tartan waistcoat because yet again… it felt so Scottish! The checkered bow tie that I chose to wear was to compensate for the bold black and white wingtip shoes I wore. The green varsity swear was the missing piece to the puzzle. I added this because it brought my vintage feel to a very collegiate place for me. And why the random pink socks u ask? I have no answer, I just love pinks socks!!


Kilt- vintage, socks- target





Shirt- H&M

black and white wigtips

bow tie- Urban Outfitters; shoes- Dr. Martens


Waistcoat- vintage


Sweater- vintage


The Art of Color Blocking

- Posted on June 10th, 2015 at 9:41 pm

A very simple way of wearing your favorite bold colors is to “color block”.  Color blocking is a very stylish procedure but can be mastered by anyone because of its simplicity.  We’re artist that view our bodies as a canvas and the different combinations of colors we put on it is how we create our daily artwork.

Color blocking combines two or more complementing colors in a creative way thats vibrant and very stylish. The history of color blocking can be traced back to the 60s, known as the “mod fashion” back then. For those that have the ability to block three and four colors at once is considered a true talent. Its just a very fun and creative way for us to express ourselves that will inspire others in the process.


red socks

gold lapel pin

purple button up

colorful mens shoes

blue belt


men color blocking


shirt- H&M; skinny tie- Pocket Square Clothing; coat- Joe Fresh; pocket square- Noble Breed; pants- H&M; belt- American Eagle; socks- Gallant & Beau; shoes; The Left Shoe Company



shirt- Zara; skinny tie- Pocket Square Clothing; waistcoat- vintage; jacket- Ralph Lauren; lapel pin- Noble Breed; pants- H&M; belt- American Apparel; socks- Gallant & Beau; shoes- Doc Martens


color blocking


How to Layer: Norris

- Posted on June 5th, 2015 at 6:23 pm

Often times when we are out people walk up to us and ask how we come up with the different combinations that complete our outfits so nicely. So here we would like to share a step-by-step layering segment that shows how we come up with different looks and the meanings behind certain details.


This first look is considered my foundation. (1) A basic crew neck t-shirt, I wear one underneath all of my dress shirts to protect the armpits mostly, so that my dress shirts last longer. (2) A pair of burgundy chinos, which are typically for a casual look but still universal and can be worn as a dressier look. (3) A pair of muli-colored checkered socks. The golden rule is to never wear black socks, so its always a great thing to keep your socks full of life.


This next look is my first layering step. (1) A yellow belt to compliment the socks, as well as, making them pop more with the yellow that they have in them. (2) A pair of navy blue chelsea boots are a great fit because they work as a nice semi-casual combo worn with the chino pants. The multifunction of the chelsea boot allows them to be dressed all the way up with a suit and tie.


This is the second layering step. (1) I added on a blue and white striped button up dress shirt. I chose this color because it matches the color tone of my socks and belt. The color also complimented well with burgundy chino pants. (2) The floral tie that I added has a combination of tan, green, & red in it. These colors together allows the tie to standout, because its important for your accessory details to pop. The red in the tie also compliments the burgundy chino pants.


This is the third layering step. (1) I have added a tan vest to the mix which is a neutral color and stands out a little from the rest of the outfit. The vest also compliments well with the tan & green neutral colors in the tie. If you look closely I have every button on my vest buttoned except for the last one. Its another one of those golden rules we follow, never button the last button on suit jackets, blazers, or vest.


This is the forth and final layering step. (1) A multi-colored plaid blazer was added to finish the overall look. The colors in the blazer make the socks pop, as well as the dress shirt, because they all share the same color tones. The blazer and vest combo gives the outfit a 3 piece suit effect without wearing a 3-piece suit. If you look closely you can see that the sleeves of my dress shirt come out about a half inch pass the sleeves on my blazer. This is to add a little more detail to the sleeves. (2) The purple floral lapel pin was added onto the lapel of my blazer. That small hint of detail brings a little more attention to the blazer and if done right it will offset to make your outfit pop more. (3) A tie clip was added next to keep my tie positioned throughout the day & to add detail. (4) And last but not least a pair of stylish sunglasses were added.


Suspended In Style

- Posted on June 4th, 2015 at 6:37 pm

Suspenders or braces were worn due to the high cut of mid-nineteenth and early twentieth century trousers, a cut that made a belt impractical. They are still seen today, but for more of a style statement than a practical need.

We wear them for the same reasons we do any other men’s accessory, in both the button in and the clip on styles. We break a lot of fashion rules, but wearing suspenders with a belt is a NO NO! This is one thing that we stay loyal to because they simply serve the same purpose and shouldn’t be worn together.

Overall, suspenders are a very classic piece in men’s style and they will be here centuries to come. There’s just something dope about having a glimpse of your suspender straps being seen underneath your suit jacket by the people that appreciates them the most.

paisley suspenders

french cuff shirt


button on suspenders


teal green pants

shirt- rich freshman; neck tie- urban outfitters; suspenders- vintage; coat- vintage; pants- vintage; socks- target; shoes- Zara

pink socks

pink button up

shirt- Gap; neck tie- vintage; suspenders- thrifted; pants- vintage; socks- Gallant & Beau; shoes- Cole Haan


men suspenders


Generic Surplus

- Posted on May 27th, 2015 at 7:49 pm

Shoes can either make or break an outfit. One of the important factors that most men’s shoe brands lack is a broad selection of shoe styles. With exception of a few, men do not shop as often as women do, so when we find a great shoe brand we typically like to stick with them. Generic Surplus is mostly known for having an amazing style selection that stretches from sneakers to dress shoes and everything in between.

GS doesn’t just stop at providing a huge variety of styles, they also put in a creative effort in developing each design. Having multiple options with a quality product helps add to our creativity as we build amazing looks in our eclectic style.

blue desert boot

navy pants

shirt- Kennington Man; bow tie- Why Knot by JS Blank; waistcoat- vintage; pants- H&M; socks- Richer Poorer; shoes- Generic Surplus


shirt- H&M; neck tie- thrifted; pants- Urban Outfitters; socks- Target; shoes- Generic Surplus



mens accessories

casual menswear


floral pants



Black Tie from the Artistic Eye

- Posted on May 27th, 2015 at 11:37 am

The fashion industry views “black” as the most “high fashion” color.

Colors, patterns, and prints are very important for helping us identify our individual personalities in our style of dress. Identity should be present in every attire whether its causal, business causal, semi-formal, formal, etc.

We’ve taken the formal attire of tuxedos and added our very own twist to it. Still wearing the proper pieces and specific styles to be considered formal, but at the same time allowing our identity to be visual. Its just impossible for us as people to fully express who we really are by wearing “black” alone, even at a “high fashion” level.

tuxedo jackets


white tuxedo jacket

white tuxedo

shirt- H&M; bow tie- Pocket Square Clothing; jacket- vintage; pocket square- thrifted; cummerbund- thrifted; pants- Zara; socks- Target; shoes- Zara

ruffled tuxedo shirt

blue tuxedo jacket

striped pants

shirt- vintage; bow tie- Pocket Square Clothing; jacket- vintage; pocket square- The Gents Closet; cummerbund- vintage; pants- Loudmouth; shoes- House of Hounds

formal dress shoes

mens formal wear


Gallant & Beau

- Posted on May 27th, 2015 at 10:55 am

A British friend of ours once told us the story of his father telling him, “never wear black socks”. Having very specific details being shared from father to son was the fuel of inspiration that we see today in the brand known as Gallant & Beau. Socks are one of those details that we heavily express as being highly valued. We specifically have our pants cropped short just to get that hint of sock accent underneath.

G&B socks are known for their bold prints and color schemes that you do not get with a traditional men’s dress sock. You can tell a lot about a person by the type of shoes on their feet, but can get more personal by identifying with the socks within those shoes.


striped socks

corduroy sport coat



shirt- Azul; neck tie- Zara; jacket- vintage; lapel pin- Noble Breed; pants- H&M; socks- Gallant & Beau; shoes- Converse


shirt- H&M; neck tie- Urban Outfitters; jacket- vintage; pocket square- Pocket Square Clothing; pants- Target; socks- Gallant & Beau; shoes- thrifted

red belt

corduroy blazer